Movement Monitoring

Movement Monitoring is the part of Geomatics that specialises in understanding how Buildings, Structures or other objects move during time.
It is well known that manmade structures move, if not, they will not last for very long , but they do by very small amounts in measuring terms, from a few millimetres daily to centimetres yearly (some of them). To view these movements, we require certain Specialist Technology Systems and Methodology that are unique for this kind of scope as well as time and patience.



ReportEach one of the Projects where items are to be monitored are unique, due to the location, temperature ranges in the area, humidity, and the most important factor of all, activity around it.

Therefore a prior analysis of the specific requirements is a must, to make sure the results of the measurements give the right understanding.




Bridge Installation

Part of the systems used for Structural Movement Monitoring, can be used for Projects where Lifting operations, Push or Pull Systems are used for the placing of heavy objects, and the process must be monitored, this may include Bridges, Cranes, and Steel Structures. It is the perfect way to know that the planned sequence is followed and adhered to, during this sometimes critical works.




MekometerWe can provide classic measurement of 2D movement monitoring to full automatic 4D movements monitoring.


We will be glad to study your specific requirements and implement the system that best suits the task.




Monitoring NetworkIt is our advice to consider even more dimensions in this kind of tasks, that is why for those special projects with very specific concerns we can prepare Specifications for the Monitoring Scheme as well as the Implementation of Sensors, Measuring Instrumentation and Weather Stations, being the information collected from each one, controlled from one or more locations, and automatically reported for Client scrutiny.

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